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G-BGKF Very grey and dull day, sorry for quality. Paperfilmscan. New in database. (mehr von G-BGKF)
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5N-BBP Previously operated by British World Airlines, Dan Air and Court Line. The aircrafts last flight was in to Malta International airport before being broken up with the cockpit xection being saved and now on display at the Malta Aviation Museum. (mehr von 5N-BBP)
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5N-BBP Malta Aviation Museum. Previously operated by British World, Dan Air and Court Line in the UK (mehr von 5N-BBP)
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EI-ANG Cold and grey day in FRA. Sorry for the lower quality. (mehr von EI-ANG)
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ZH763 The very last "serviceable" BAC 1-11 series 500 in the world about to be powered up and have it's number two engine run - This airframe is based with the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre. Note the remains of a former Emirates A330 being scrapped behind! (mehr von ZH763)
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VR-BEB Acquired by European Aviation from Phillipine Airlines for spares and now used by the Airport Fire Service (mehr von VR-BEB)
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G-BFMC Built in 1970 and delivered to Ford Motor Company in November 1977 (mehr von G-BFMC)