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N784TW Seen here on a very rare visit to MIA about get loaded and good to go! (mehr von N784TW)
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EI-UNW Transaero started non-stop service from Moscow-Domodedovo to Miami on Oct. 27, 2010. Seen here short finals rwy 09 after an 11 hr 45 min. flight (mehr von EI-UNW)
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N952AR New a/c for Sky lease cargo which is the same owner as Centurion. Short final 09 (mehr von N952AR)
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N422LA New a/c for Florida West. Ex. Japan Airlines Cargo JA633J (mehr von N422LA)
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N773AS Skyking's first B734 with Titles and logo seen here positioning on rwy 12 for another charter to Cuba (mehr von N773AS)
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HK-4636 Now this is what I love about MIA. You never know what you'll see. Classic 727 with Super 80 engines! awesome (mehr von HK-4636)
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TF-FIB I don't know about you guys but I prefer this guy with its yellow engine and blue tail as it was before. Leased to SBA and seen here touching down as BBR1515 from CCS (mehr von TF-FIB)
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N728CF This is MNG's 2nd B734 Special Freighter seen here coming back from an engine test. This a/c has already been delivered to MNG (mehr von N728CF)
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N822PB So sad to see Arrow go. High fuel costs are killing many airlines these day, here's an example of it. Let's see what's going to happen to this guy (mehr von N822PB)
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CP-2640 A 5hr delay is the worse thing for a passenger, but for a photographer is a BONUS! usually this flight arrives at 6:45am, today I got lucky and got it at 12pm! (mehr von CP-2640)
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N766VA "Ruby 6602 touching down after a short flight from Camaguey, Cuba. Vision is another charter flight that adds up to the many flights to Cuba from Miami a day. (mehr von N766VA)
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CP-2515 Completing yet another charter from Havana. Gotta love the classics (mehr von CP-2515)
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F-GMLU The FIFA a/c finally visiting MIA, which was actually among the last cities. (mehr von F-GMLU)
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G-STRX This was the a/c Aerosur leased for the beginning of 2010 for the VVI-MIA-VVI route. (mehr von G-STRX)
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N381LF This is a livery you won't get to see anywhere around the world. Seems like Oxygene didn't have enough funds or something went wrong because this a/c and the one in the back were sent to the washers and livery was removed completely. N381LF is now in MIA in Transaero Russia livery waiting for delivery. So sad cause it seemed like a good livery to me. (mehr von N381LF)
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CP-2659 Aerosur's newest aircraft and Sharko c/s. (mehr von CP-2659)