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F-BVFB During my summer vacation, I had the opportunity to visit the museum in Sinsheim, which at night is much more spectacular ... (mehr von F-BVFB)
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PH-KCA The first KLM Md11 (delivery Date: 07/12/1993) still has life; This is very good. In the picture, the flight KL0672 arriving from Montreal, with one of the best lights that I have lived in Schiphol ... (mehr von PH-KCA)
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B-HOR CATHAY PACIFIC, being towed to remote parking ... (mehr von B-HOR)
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HL7615 If this airplane, is landing before 18pm, then you can take a picture like this from the terrace of the airport ... (mehr von HL7615)
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PH-BCD Interior of this KLM B738, flying at that moment, the Pyrenees, destination Madrid ... (mehr von PH-BCD)
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AP-BDZ Pakistan A310 covering the route Lahore - Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Islamabad. In the picture, taking off on runway 36C with the excellent sunlight ... (mehr von AP-BDZ)
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B-2437 New air freight company operating in AMS / Schiphol. Delivery Date: 18/06/2011. It has belonged to ANA (since August 2011). (mehr von B-2437)
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Image of Polderbaan runway area, a sunday afternoon in summer ...
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From MAD, I could make this photograph of AMS, minutes before of landing in Schiphol ...
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D-AIHL The takeoffs with water and sun, much better ... (mehr von D-AIHL)
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D-AIGC At first view, it seems that the plane was suspended over the skyscraper ... (mehr von D-AIGC)
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F-BVFB Spectacular night image showing the Air France Concorde in the museum Sinsheim (120 kms south of the city of Frankfurt). (mehr von F-BVFB)
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ZS-SNI South African has created a new sticker. The "Nelson Mandela Day" has been created by raising funds for 67 stickers in 67 minutes on 18 July, 2013. The over-arching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better. (mehr von ZS-SNI)
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D-ABVP Arriving at FRA with the first light of day ... (mehr von D-ABVP)
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D-AERK Road to the hangar for maintenance of that engine nļ1 ... (mehr von D-AERK)
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Image of the beautiful tower control of Amsterdam Schiphol ...
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EC-KKS This plane was that flew from Madrid to Zurich ... (mehr von EC-KKS)
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Panoramic from the sky of the Zurich Airport ...