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PP-JET You don't see a biz-jet with a sticker that often. Sandy&Junior are a sister and brother duo and enjoy quite a big success among Brazilian teenagers. Eventually they decided to split, but, not before cashing in big time with a last tour together, including an unplugged special with MTV. (mehr von PP-JET)
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LABACE 2007 right side overview. Note the VASP B737-200 PP-SMU/PP-SMG and PP-SFI on background.
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LABACE 2007 left side overview. Note the ex-VASP A300 PP-SNN and PP-SNL on background.
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N1258K c/n 41774. Built in 2007. LABACE 2007. (mehr von N1258K)
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PR-GIK panned landing shot capturing finals for RWY17R (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GIK)
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PT-MZD Final approach into CGH over the city of Sao Paulo (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-MZD)
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PR-MBK Climbing out of RWY 35L, this Aircraft had make an crash landing here in Sao Paulo on July 17th and overran the RWY 35L an crashed into an warehouse and an Gas station, an very sad day in Brazil and the aviation, R.I.P for all the victims (mehr von PR-MBK)
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PT-MZP final approach for RWY17R in sunset (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-MZP)
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evening impression from Congonhas seen out of the hotel room. All jet operators into CGH can be seen in the picture (TAM,GOL,Varig & Ocean Air) (Nikon D200)
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PR-MBC impression from Congonhas airport showing how close the roads, houses and the aiport itself are together. Let's all hope that the accident of July 17th won't result in the closure of this beautiful airport (Nikon D70) (mehr von PR-MBC)
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sunset shot from Congonhas airport giving you an impression how close the airport is to the urban surroundings, including one of Sao Paulo's main and and busiest highways connecting the north of the city with the south and the houses. On July 17th a TAM Airbus A320 overran RWY35L right at the place the TAM A320 in this shot is standing and crashed into the gas station in the lower left part of the picture. Over 200 people died on this day, RIP to the victims (Nikon D70)