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PT-OEX nice view of a Falcon at night ! (Nikon D200) (mehr von PT-OEX)
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PR-GTA GOL "Flagship" waiting for departure as seen out of the hotel room (Nikon D200) (mehr von PR-GTA)
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PR-GOA The Magic of the Congonhas Airport at night, a lot of lights around, nice warm weather and of course, spotting out of an hotel :-) (mehr von PR-GOA)
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Classic picture of the Congonhas Airport, taken form apartment 1015 of the Golden Flat, a favorite spot for spotters worldwide.
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PP-VNX Isto disparou sai a Marcelo! Thanky vocÍ muito muito para toda sua ajuda aqui no Sao Paulo, ele era uma estadia agradŠvel real com muitos do divertimento! Obrigado (mehr von PP-VNX)