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3C-LLG Wearing colors always still probably visit due to maintenance. (mehr von 3C-LLG)
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3C-LLI Ceiba Intercontinental has applied a new livery on one of their ATR-72.. (mehr von 3C-LLI)
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3C-LLI New paint scheme for this company, surprisingly at the time I got to this place him out of the hangar to effect you Binter technical tests in the place assigned for this purpose. (mehr von 3C-LLI)
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3C-LLS So far the aircraft of the year in Lisbon. This photo is the end of the delivery flight of the aircraft. It came to Lisbon to be certificated by INAC and start its operation for White Airways, in ACMI flights. What a beuty! [1280 px] (mehr von 3C-LLS)
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3C-LLH Pulled our of the Islas hangar. Nice maintenance visitor. (mehr von 3C-LLH)
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3C-LLS Because of the 100th anniversary of Hamburg Airport Lufthansa Technik need the space in the hangars for the exhibition and so this shot was possible. Every Owner Markings and the Reg are paste over with stickers. (mehr von 3C-LLS)