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FAC3001 Wearing 35th Mirage anniversay and FAC's 90th anniversary markings. Congratulations and thanks to Alien for the oportunity. (mehr von FAC3001)
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FAC2123 One of the new T-37B parked on the ramp. Thanks and congratulations to Alien for this amazing day. (mehr von FAC2123)
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FAC-3055 One from 24 combat aircraft "Kfir" test flight in preparation for sale to Colombian Air Force. Received new registration FAC-3055 and The toe of this plane have installed a new radar in Israel Air Industry. (mehr von FAC-3055)
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FAC2257 Making circles in front of the public during F-AIR 2008. (mehr von FAC2257)
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FAC625 Being inside the first presidential aircraft and supposedly the most original Ju-52 in the world in Colombia is truly an exciting moment. (mehr von FAC625)
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FAC625 Maybe this is not the most interesting cockpit, but it is surely one of the most historical. According to the people in the Colombian Air Force Museum, this is the most original Ju-52 in the world, first presidential aircraft in Colombia and still a mystery after having found what seems to be a CN plate, but not easy to read. (mehr von FAC625)
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FAC0001 Here is Alvaro Uribe and his BBJ at LET, special thanks to Teniente. Moto Moto. (mehr von FAC0001)


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FAC4131 The final exhibition of Colombian Air Force Arp�a III helicopter team saying hello with the flares. F-AIR 2008. (mehr von FAC4131)
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FAC0002 c/n 11992. Colombian vice-president arriving for the opening ceremony of F-AIR 2008 Colombia and Mr. Santiago Escobar doing his job. (mehr von FAC0002)
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FAC3030 More than 30 years after built, this M5 is still protecting the colombian skies. F-AIR 2008. (mehr von FAC3030)
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FAC5115 This must be the fourth preserved airworthy aircraft of Colombian Air Force after two PT-17 and one OH-13. The cockpit is completely original on its 50s style. (mehr von FAC5115)
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FAC796 Perfectly polished by the cadets of Colombian Air Force Academy, this is the gate guardian of the base. (mehr von FAC796)
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FAC654 c/n 237-5599. Built for the US Navy, this aircraft has a long history of registrations: RCAF2244 N1206, N5034F, N1970H, N197RD, N100LR and YV-183CP. Now is preserved on the Colombian Air Force Museum with fake registration FAC654 and pretending to be a Lodestar C-60. It is the only BACC BA-400 converted in the world. (mehr von FAC654)
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FAC5062 The only colombian aircraft is now on a musem after less than a decade serving on Colombian Air Force. (mehr von FAC5062)
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FAC407 Oldest aircraft still preserved in Colombia. (mehr von FAC407)
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FAC0001 My personal highlight of this years World Economic Forum. For the first time at Zuerich! (mehr von FAC0001)
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FAC0001 WEF 2008 visitor [Nikon D200; Sigma 2.8-4/28-105] (mehr von FAC0001)