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ZS-OAM Taken at the Poirt Elizabeth Airshow on my 18th birthday. There was no emergency, the fire trucks were just performing by driving up the runway, although they couldn't fly :-) ! (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-OTF Throttle Quadrant of this Boeing 737-400. We are at full power with the flaps up after takeoff from Durban on our way to Port Elizabeth (PLZ/FADN), then the aicraft does the last short hop to Cape Town (CPT/FACT), the aircraft came from Johannesburg to Durban and because of this was 3 hours and 34 minutes late, it should of come from Cape Town originally ! The FMC can also be seen ! (mehr von ZS-OTF)
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N659CA Taxiing on ramp 3S with the 717 behind just being pushed back from gate C16. Shot from Concourse B during transfer BRU-ATL-LAS. (mehr von N659CA)