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9H-TJC Lining up on RWY 27 shortly before an evening departure to Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Intl. (charter flight XR 4004). This aircraft shall take me home to Linz a few days after this capture. (mehr von 9H-TJC)
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9H-TJG On final approach to runway 21. (mehr von 9H-TJG)
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9H-TJC On approach to Linz Airport with a nice morning-view over the city of Linz. Photo taken from seat 29F on holiday flight CXI 6201 from Heraklion - Nikos Kazantzakis Airport. (mehr von 9H-TJC)
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9H-TJB Corendon charter flight XR 152 on final to Heraklion Airport from Groningen-Eelde. (mehr von 9H-TJB)
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9H-TJG Just departed Linz Airport via RWY 08 and banking right straight to the south on our way to Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis/Crete Island (charter flight CXI 6202). In the right corner of the picture you can see the city of Traun located next to LOWL. The distance shows the city of Wels with its regional airport LOLW. Shot taken from seat 18F aboard this ex Air Berlin 737-800 (D-ABBT). (mehr von 9H-TJG)