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N619SW A Southwest conversion that may not be the last. Huge thanks to the CAL Fire team for inviting me in to visit their facility! (mehr von N619SW)
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C-FLYL I know there are a lot of "obstacles"(sorry). But here i want to show you how it looks like when "Mars" is out of the water for maintenance (mehr von C-FLYL)


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C-FLYL In the evening Hawaii Mars is leaning slightly to the left and getting some rest after fighting the California wildfires. (mehr von C-FLYL)
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C-FLYK look at this massive wheels for the ground transport (mehr von C-FLYK)
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C-FLYK the second Martin Mars was still on ground during my visit, note the new titles (mehr von C-FLYK)
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C-FLYL after Coulson Group taken over the operation of the Waterbomber from Timerwest the Martin Mars got new titles (mehr von C-FLYL)