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D-ABXA Taxiing to it's last ever longhaul departure for AB to MIA meanwhile the fireengine gets into position for the watersalute for the the last ever longhaulflight of AB for D-ABXB. (mehr von D-ABXA)


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D-ABXA Nice bank angle seconds after departure. Crew of X-ray Alpha is waving farewell to their home base. (mehr von D-ABXA)
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D-ABXA Last scheduled AB departure for -XA. One day later AB long haul operations were history. (mehr von D-ABXA)
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D-ABXA Last AB A330 flights departing - D-ABXA to MIA is watching D-ALPH depart to JFK. (mehr von D-ABXA)
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D-ABXA Last day of longhaul operations by Air Berlin. (mehr von D-ABXA)