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D-ADHE What a rare visit! Dash 8 from augsburg airways for training at augsburg airport. They were doing some landings and take offs. Arriving from munich airport with just the 2 pilots on board of this dash 8. Have a look how narrow the taxiway for this type of plane here at augsburg is. Many spectators were here for watching this big bird! Since some years augsburg airport has no airlines, the last one was augsburg airways. (mehr von D-ADHE)
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D-ADHE Beautiful light for a cockpit photo. Just minutes prior its departure to Munich as LH 3273. Thanks to the crew and sorry for not taking any outside pics ;-) Uploaded in 1280x960. (mehr von D-ADHE)
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D-ADHE taxiing to runway 18 via Sierra. checkout the Hamburg International a319 in the background blurred by the heat coming out of the engines. (mehr von D-ADHE)
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