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D-AKNG Lining up runway 35L in the early morning. An easyJet A319 is just taking off in front of us, still speeding up on the runway. (mehr von D-AKNG)
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D-AKNG As my nightshots are very popular here, I have a little update for You as now parked properly for a daytime shot. We had 5 minutes of sunshine today, so I took the opportunity to check if anything happened with her so far. As You can see, "Italia" is clearly visible now and Operated by Germanwings titles are now covered really discretely :) I will keep You informed ;) (mehr von D-AKNG)
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D-AKNG HOT !! Brandnew Lufthansa painting for this former Germanwings Airbus. Titles are not fitted in the standard position this time, but right over the wing. (mehr von D-AKNG)