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D-ALCP last ever landing at jfk bye bye charlie papa next stop tulsa dedicate to my garca friend javier caseres (mehr von D-ALCP)
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D-ALCP Could I ask for any more beautiful light? Shortly before sunset we are getting the aircraft ready for a departure to Cairo with other company ships parked on the apron. (mehr von D-ALCP)
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D-ALCP Santa Claus also relies on Lufthansa Cargo to deliver all presents on time and had taken the copilots seat! He forgot his hat though... (mehr von D-ALCP)
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D-ALCP Charlie Papa, Fox, Sierra, Delta, Bravo, Alpha, Lima and Juliett - all parked and lined up on taxiway Sierra near runway 18. An incredible view to have a total of eight three-holer in one complete row! (mehr von D-ALCP)