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60-6927 These California Science Center aircraft are no easy task. No tripods allowed...no ladders...could we maybe get some tree trimming action? lol (mehr von 60-6927)
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N716AE I heard it through the grapevine that this 'Treasure Hunt' is JetSuiteX' VIP-only ;-) (mehr von N716AE)
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N884NA Didn't have a whole lot of angle options here...but let's see if we can get 'Mr. Bones' into the database. (mehr von N884NA)
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N252JX A luxury service by jetBlue that quickly became my #1 choice for flying in and out of the Bay Area (mehr von N252JX)
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N680TA That tail number sounded familiar...and sure enough we had met in 2010 flying from CUZ to LIM (back in the Taca days) (mehr von N680TA)