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N713TW DL162 touching down on runway 32 early from JFK. (mehr von N713TW)
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SE-DLV Now wearing Norwegian.se colours seen after arriving from Stockholm. (mehr von SE-DLV)
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F-WWOW It was good to watch this aircraft from where we were quite a way back, must have been awesome to be that close though! (mehr von F-WWOW)
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XA-UDT Originally intended for Iberia this aircraft was actually departing on delivery to Mexicanna where it will spend the next 7 months on lease. (mehr von XA-UDT)
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F-WWOW Taxiing back after a rejected take-off test with the watching crowds climbing the hill to get a good view of this great aircraft. (mehr von F-WWOW)
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G-YMMJ Official Airline England Football Team titles still on the aircraft, final approach for 27L as the clouds start to move in. (mehr von G-YMMJ)
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G-VELD Now first in the queue for a 27R departure. (mehr von G-VELD)
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HB-JZB easyjet's second A319 starting the take-off run for the flight back to Geneva. (mehr von HB-JZB)
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N332UP The first arrival of another very busy evening of cargo movements for EMA. (mehr von N332UP)
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G-IGOF Still in Go colours awaiting the horrible orange scheme. (mehr von G-IGOF)
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G-DOCU Note the dirt mark around the front door were the Air Bridge is placed. (mehr von G-DOCU)
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