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XS235 A sad situation at Bruntingthorpe where the airfield is now used for car storage and the live aircraft that are capable of being taxied are now stored in a small corner of the airfield surrounded by containers. Also seen here is the Victor XM715 and the Nimrod XV229 (mehr von XS235)
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G-CPDA Wears serial XS235. This was the last ever Comet to fly and arrived here by air from Boscombe Down on 31st October 1997 and is still maintained in live taxying condition (mehr von G-CPDA)
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G-BDIW in a dismantled state before her departure to the new home at the Hermeskeil Aviation Museum near Trier, where she was preserved first in the same colours and later repainted again in Dan Air Londons 1990 colour scheme, (mehr von G-BDIW)
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G-BDIW This former Dan Air London Comet 4C was repainted in `Rhein Ruhr Flughafen Dsseldorfhouse colours in spring 1986 and she was preserved for another two years together with D-BABY, visible on the left side. (mehr von G-BDIW)


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G-BDIW After the closure of the Air Classic Aviation Museum, she was preserved for another three years together with Vickers Viking D-BABY beside the LTU-hangar. (mehr von G-BDIW)
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G-BDIW Seen during her towing to the Air Classic Museum, which sadly didnt exist very long. After the closure of the museum G-BDIW crossed the road again to her resting place just beside LTU-hangar 8. (mehr von G-BDIW)
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G-APDD Bad quality, but historic moment: G-APDD lying on the runway after the nosewheel collapsed on landing. This was her last commercial flight. After repairs it was ferried gear-down to Lasham where it was scrapped in March 1973 (mehr von G-APDD)
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