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Q-17 Impressive show of the Royal Netherlands Air Force demo team during Sanicole Sunset Airshow (mehr von Q-17)
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OM-BYO President Ivan Gaöparovič of Slovakia leaving the Netherlands after a three days state visit (mehr von OM-BYO)
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It was a cold and clear night when I spent 2,5 hours in the approach of Liege Airport, Belgium in August 2011. The main straight lights are 34 aircraft operating for TNT Airways and 1 Kalitta Boeing 747 on approach for Liege Airport. Another small prop practicing approaches between the heavy traffic. Trails from left to right are planes heading for Brussels, the UK or America. All other trails trailing in a circle are stars!
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EC-LKI First B767 for Gestair in full TNT Airways c/s. Painted by Maastricht Aviation Aircraft Services (MAAS). (mehr von EC-LKI)
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F-GNLI Eagles Airlines as the rebirth of AlpiEagles prepares its start-up using up to three Fokker 100s. Will become I-GIOA (mehr von F-GNLI)
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B-KGP c/n 5238. ex N838GA. New reg. in database. (mehr von B-KGP)
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A7-CEB c/n 5784. New reg. and airline in database. (mehr von A7-CEB)
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CS-DUD c/n HB-8. ex N3198Z. Built in 2008. (mehr von CS-DUD)