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D-CIRJ This is the inaugural flight of Rhein-Neckar-Air, taxiing to runway 09 in beautiful morning light. (mehr von D-CIRJ)
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D-CIRJ seen here taxiing for the first departure of Rhein-Neckar Air on the new twice daily service Mannheim City-Berlin Tegel, this is the first regular connection since December 2011 when Cirrus quit the last existing regular service from Mannheim. (mehr von D-CIRJ)
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D-CIRJ bringing the soccer team of TSG Hoffenheim for the match vs. Schalke 04 to DTM (mehr von D-CIRJ)
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OE-LKA Flight A6 201 from ZRH. Operated by Rostock Airways. (mehr von OE-LKA)