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EC-IGZ Two Cygnus DC-8s together. Dedicated to Marlo, the dee-see-eit fan, without whom this phantastic weekend in MAD would probably not have been possible for me. (mehr von EC-IGZ)
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N836UP making the right turn on its taxi roll to the Air Cargo terminal just after sunrise before that Atlanta Airliners Expo (mehr von N836UP)
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N805DH unloading on the UPS ramp in the days before Cargo West at EMA. (mehr von N805DH)
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N807DH No longer visitng EMA. Replaced by A300 and more recently 757 types. (mehr von N807DH)
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N806DH on the new DHL Cargo West ramp. One of the last... (mehr von N806DH)
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N801DH 'New York Transit' - my first shot of a DC-8...and in the pouring rain. (mehr von N801DH)
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N806DH turning onto runway 12 against a black thunderstorm sky. (mehr von N806DH)