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N873SJ rare to see even in the USA are these Astar Air Cargo DC-8s in full c/s. Back in the summer of 2009 Astar Air Cargo operated 5 weekly services on behalf of DHL between Atlanta and Orlando in the morning - but mostly in yellow DHL c/s (mehr von N873SJ)
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N806DH nice to realize that these old classic DC-8s are still around. Seen here approaching Orlando International's RWY18R. DHL currently operates a DC-8 between Atlanta and Orlando from Tuesday-Friday in the mornings (mehr von N806DH)
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N801DH Very nice to see this DHL DC8 at Leipzig. (mehr von N801DH)
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N804DH Sorry for the steps, but due to a change of the parking position for the DC-8 this is now the only chance to catch them... (mehr von N804DH)
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N803DH We will see these nice classics for at least 3 months on the LEJ-JFK route. Very rare opportunity to catch her in broad daylight. (mehr von N803DH)
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N602AL ATI arriving from Paraguay Asuncion airport direct to fuelstop in BQN and continue this fligth to Toledo,Ohio. (mehr von N602AL)