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N873SJ ASTAR cargo flying as DHL 1729 on an early evening approach to 26L (mehr von N873SJ)
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N801DH Spotting today sure paid off, as this was my first sighting of any DHL plane taxiing to the active in daylight hours here at IAH. This very same plane, 3 days back declared an emergency due to an engine fire which upon landing blew all the tires on the left landing gear. Crew of 3 were all ok. [Canon EOS 300D + EF 100-400 L IS USM] (mehr von N801DH)
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N805DH Looking really awesome in the new yellow colours together with the silver engine and wings, really great! (mehr von N805DH)
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N603AL ATI making a rare midday arrival into IAH as flight 205 from San Diego, CA. [Canon EOS 300D + EF 100-400 L IS USM] (mehr von N603AL)
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N602AL Rare bird on finals RWY21. USAF Charter from Kuwait. (Canon EOS 50; Fuji Sensia 100) (mehr von N602AL)
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N606AL not very green surroundings at FJR, but the variety of aircraft (see the Yer-Avia IL76 nose) made up for that (mehr von N606AL)
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N803DH The new clothes fit the old lady perfectly! [Nikon D70] (mehr von N803DH)
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N804DH An awesome sight, a yellow DHL DC-8 ! My first one, and I'm very happy ! Departing runway 07R. (mehr von N804DH)
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