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OO-SLT (C/n 25208 Del 0503) Former Volare (I-VEIY), Air Europe (I-PEIY), Air Afrique (I-AEIY), Air Europe (EI-CIY), Condor (D-ABUY). As you can see this baby has flown from quite some airlines. (mehr von OO-SLT)
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OO-SLT (cn 25208) Delivered to DCA: 11-05-2003 Powered by PW 4060 Engines ex: D-ABUY (Condor), EI-CIY (Air Europe), I-AEIY (Air Afrique), I-PEIY (Air Europe), I-VEIY (Volare).That's what I call a history for such a young/attractive plane. Where is the sun when you need her the most? [Canon EOS 300D + Sigma APO 100-300mm F4 EX IF HSM ] (mehr von OO-SLT)
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OO-SLT Rather short bridge if you think of the distance... (mehr von OO-SLT)


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PJ-SEG I promise you that was matter of luck. That is the second picture of the 12 i took during landing of that DCA MD-80. (mehr von PJ-SEG)
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PJ-SNN Another of the world's most beautiful airports.. DCA departs back to Curacao on this absolutely beautiful morning! What wouldn't any of us give to have that house in the lower-right of the photo? ;-) (mehr von PJ-SNN)
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