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D-HECJ Hovering across the small heli-runway in Donauwoerth. Wearing the colours of the Lithuanian Border Guard, shortly before delivery. Now flying as LY-HCD. (mehr von D-HECJ)
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D-HMBA returning from testflight. Still with the german registration, but will be delivered to its new Croatian owners very soon. Pilot is watching us... (mehr von D-HMBA)
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D-HHEB In the back you can see D-HTSA B05 and OH-HMC B05, and also a photo of the NH-90 & Tiger production, which is carried out at Donauwoerth Eurocopter facility (mehr von D-HHEB)
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D-HBYI In use for the Bavarian Police as VIP transport, wearing special EC-135 promo livery (mehr von D-HBYI)
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D-HECH Still in all primer col. c/n 0465 (mehr von D-HECH)
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74+09 Behind you can see some historic parts of the city. (mehr von 74+09)
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98+12 New Tiger for the German Air Force, during flying tests, still with the delivery registration from WTD-61. First shots from Donauwoerth Eurocopter factory! (mehr von 98+12)