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L-866 After many years of being hangared under cover the Catalina is now outside at the RAF Museum, Cosford (mehr von L-866)
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K8042 Previously displayed at the RAF Museum, Hendon (mehr von K8042)
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K4972 Previously displayed at the RAF Museum, Hendon (mehr von K4972)
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XG225 On display at RAF Museum Cosford. (mehr von XG225)
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XZ991 Now back in standard camouflage having had the Artic white removed (mehr von XZ991)
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XM362 Cutaway on the starboard side and used for engineering training (mehr von XM362)
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G-RMAA Operated by the Midlands Air Ambulance (mehr von G-RMAA)
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L-866 Former US Navy aircraft that served in California and Hawaii during WW2. It was purchased by the Royal Danish Air Force in 1956, overhauled and delivered in 1957, and served with Esk.721 at Vaerloese and Greenland. (mehr von L-866)