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D-AYAV The aircraft is tied to the container at the front to prevent it from moving around in gusting wind. (mehr von D-AYAV)
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D-AVXK c/n 10193. Future VP-BPP. New in database. (mehr von D-AVXK)
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What does the future look like in post-covid times at smaller airports? In my opinion, highly financially supported passenger flights are not the solution. A good way could be a mix of strong general/business aviation, cargo flights, maintenance providers and storing as well as scrapping aicraft. What do you think will air traffic look like in a year or two?
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D-AUBC c/n 9440. Future VP-CGD. New in database. The last one being transferred from RLG, where there are currently no further new Airbus aircraft parked anymore. (mehr von D-AUBC)
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G-EZDN Lost its Amsterdam sticker. (mehr von G-EZDN)
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D-AYAW One short sunny moment after weeks of dense fog and CAT II/III operations. (mehr von D-AYAW)


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D-AVWE c/n 10110. Future B-320G. New in database. (mehr von D-AVWE)
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D-AZAQ c/n 9560. First A321neo for AirBlue whirling up some snow after arrival from RLG where it was parked before. (mehr von D-AZAQ)
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OE-IMC Finally, after missing her twice by just a few minutes, I managed to get a decent shot! (mehr von OE-IMC)
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D-AYAV c/n 10067. Future JA26LR. First A321neo for JetStar Japan. (mehr von D-AYAV)
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SE-MKD Charter flight from OSD bringing the Swedish athletes for the biathlon world cup in Oberhof. (mehr von SE-MKD)
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D-AYAW c/n 10270. Future B-58205. Stuck between walls of snow awaiting delivery. New in database! (mehr von D-AYAW)
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