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B-16308 latest star alliance member - now with typical star alliance sticker. (mehr von B-16308)
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B-16701 BR's newly painted Star Alliance logojet turns to park at gate D34. (mehr von B-16701)
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B-16701 (1600 pix) Freshly repainted into Star Alliance colours,Eva's first 77W parks at gate D34 upon arrival from Taipei as BR225. BR joins Star Alliance this very month. (mehr von B-16701)
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B-16701 First Aircraft in Eva Air fleet to be spotted in this livery. New Special Scheme with "Star Alliance" for Eva Airlines of B777-300ER. BR226 to TPE is seen here ready for push back from gate D34. Before she got repainted into the Star Alliance, she was spotted in the rainbow '777-300ER' special livery. (mehr von B-16701)
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B-16701 The new Star Alliance logojet for EVA Air, pulling into Gate D34 as BR225 from TPE. (mehr von B-16701)