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V3-HIG Santa Elena/Flores is the only Guatemalan destination served directly by Tropic Air of Belize. (mehr von V3-HIG)
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024 This jolly aircraft was part of a display of the equipment of the National Aeronaval Service of Panama, and was specially festooned with Christmas lights, stockings, and a garland on the propeller. (mehr von 024)
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HP-1606PST At the threshold of runway 27, awaiting clearance to depart back to Panama City's Albrook Airport. (mehr von HP-1606PST)
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N75861 Aircraft originally delivered to American Trans Air in August 2001 as N551TZ. (mehr von N75861)
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CF-TGE An elevated view giving a good idea of the Museum of Flight's location in relation to Boeing Field and downtown Seattle. (mehr von CF-TGE)
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B-2441 Jade Cargo International operated in this attractive livery from 2004 to 2011. This aircraft subsequently was re-registered as 4X-ICA and flies with Cargo Air Lines of Israel. (mehr von B-2441)
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D-CIRC This Dornier 328 previously served with Swisswings and Air Engiadina as HB-AEI, and briefly wore the colors of KLM Alps. (mehr von D-CIRC)
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N945NA This Gulfstream II was modified to serve as a Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA). The aircraft joined the collections of the US Space & Rocket Center in 2017. (mehr von N945NA)
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RA-86559 A support aircraft for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's delegation on an official visit to Berlin. (mehr von RA-86559)
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TG-TAR Although adorned with CM Airlines titles, at the time of this photograph, this aircraft was operated by Guatemala's TAG Airlines, whose logo can be seen on the tail. (mehr von TG-TAR)
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N606KA Nice orca-themed special livery on this Kenmore Air Turbine Otter. (mehr von N606KA)
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San Salvador's airport showing the activity during the mid-day bank of flights when nearly every gate is occupied. Avianca's A330-200 N968AV has just arrived from Lima.
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N214HA "Kukui" is seen arriving in SJC from OGG. This flight comes in shortly before sunset and can only be photographed in decent light in the summer months. (mehr von N214HA)
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N97H Then owned by the Hiller Aviation Museum of San Carlos, CA, this 1945 vintage DC-3 was exported to Russia in 2013. (mehr von N97H)
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N515NA The first of very, very many 737s, now preserved and partly sheltered from the elements in the new Aviation Pavilion at the Museum of Flight. (mehr von N515NA)
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F-BVFB This Concorde has been mounted on the roof of one of the exhibition halls of the Technikmuseum like a giant taxidermied bird. (mehr von F-BVFB)
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HS-TKP "Sri-Amphorn" was delivered new to Thai in July 2013. (mehr von HS-TKP)
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N8716B Delivered in October 2017, this MAX-8 joined 33 sister aircraft in being grounded in March 2019 after the crashes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Lion Air Flight 610. (mehr von N8716B)
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JA612J Delivered in March 2005, this aircraft now sports a tattoo-like livery promoting the 35th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort. (mehr von JA612J)
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JA08AN Aircraft delivered in October 2006 and previously flew with ANA subsidiary Air Nippon before being transferred to Air Do in March 2014. (mehr von JA08AN)
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TC-SKG Del. January 1993 to Cayman Airways as VR-CAA, and later served with Carnival Air Lines as N404KW, with Olympic as SX-BKK, with Sky Airlines as TC-SKG, and most recently with Blue Air of Romania as YR-BAR. (mehr von TC-SKG)
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JA741A Del. April 2012 and painted in this colorful livery to promote the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in early 2018. (mehr von JA741A)
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VN-A895 A very attractive livery on a poorly proportioned airliner. Del. 30 Dec. 2017. (mehr von VN-A895)
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OE-LTU LTU's livery was very attractive when freshly painted, but had a tendency to fade badly. This photograph was taken near the end of the life of LTU Austria. One month later, this aircraft was re-registered as D-ALTE and repainted in Air Berlin colors. (mehr von OE-LTU)