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D-BCRT Powering up on RWY 25 for the Flight back to AMS! Nice prop effects, one of the good things of this weather!! Greets to my Friend Markus Adank with this shot, we stayed together at the fence at this Rainy and wet day (mehr von D-BCRT)
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D-CSWF landing on RWY 14, taxi via H2 to the Gate. behind is the Air Canada Boeing 767-333/ER, C-FMWQ with the new colore (mehr von D-CSWF)
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D-BCRS (msn: see the "Via Amsterdam in the world" sticker for the new cooperation with KLM. (mehr von D-BCRS)
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D-BCRS landing runway 14L, watch out for the additional KLM sticker (mehr von D-BCRS)