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F-HPTP Double capture of this very exotic livery, AIR CARAIBES. (mehr von F-HPTP)


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F-HPTP "Classe Madras" is Air Caraibes' business class. The second cabin is "Classe Caraibes", an economy plus product with 8-abreast, while the majority of 300 seats is 9-abreast in "Classe Soleil". (mehr von F-HPTP)
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F-HPTP Nice night illumination on the way from PTP to ORY. (mehr von F-HPTP)
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F-HPTP Enroute from ORY to PTP. Holiday-them inspired cabin, which despite a 9-abreast layout and a total of more than 350 seats was not too bad. (mehr von F-HPTP)