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B-28035 MZG (Penghu) - TSA with only 44 pax onboard (mehr von B-28035)
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OY-JZG (c/n 1171) Waiting for delivery. ATR is a new type for FAT. (mehr von OY-JZG)
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B-28037 One of only four aircraft in Far Eastern Air Transport's fleet (mehr von B-28037)
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B-28035 in the evenings many people come to watch the aircrafts land and takeoff at TSA airport, I also noticed many couples there...not sure why they chose this place as it is very poluted, crowded and noisy... (Nikon D70) (mehr von B-28035)
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B-27013 nice to see the red special coloured FAT B757. Please notice the sign on top of the terminal "Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport" which is the new name for Taipei Intl. airport....no more C.K.S ! (Nikon D70) (mehr von B-27013)
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B-27007 A wide angle view of the famous "rock" looking down the taxiway. You can get very close to the aircraft. That is my taxi driver in the photo also having a good look at the approaching aircraft!! (mehr von B-27007)
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