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D-ASSR Another airline which existed only a short time. Kodachrome-64-slidescan. (mehr von D-ASSR)
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D-AFTI Short lived own airline of the german touroperator FTI (Frosch Touristik International) (mehr von D-AFTI)
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D-ACAF Ceased flight operations in late 2001 (mehr von D-ACAF)
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D-AFTI taxiing to rwy 18W c/n338 b.1992 del.:06/99 lsf AIH (mehr von D-AFTI)
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D-AUKT Cockpit-view of flyFTIīs D-AUKT. Right after parking at Munichs Airport parking position M23 in front of the Hangars. Aircraft will now be checked up for tomorrows flights (mehr von D-AUKT)
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D-AUKT FlyFTI was founded in 1998. First flight started from Munich to Lamezia Terme on May 01, 1999. flyFTI was operated with six A320-231. Now there are still 4 aircrafts in use, but flyFTI will end business on November 30, 2001. Germanys 4th biggest touroperator will then mainly use capacities from Air Berlin, LTU and other german charter-airlines. (mehr von D-AUKT)
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D-AUKT 180 passenger seats. Normally equipped with flyFTI-logos, today this aircraft was in use for Air Berlin, so nearly every flyFTI-Logo inside was removed. This aircraft is equipped with Audio- and VideoSystem with 14 small, folding LCD-displays above the rows. (mehr von D-AUKT)
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D-AUKT FlyFTI Airbus A 320-231. Same tail as its mother company Airtours plc. (mehr von D-AUKT)
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D-AUKT This flyFTI-Jet just arrived back from positioning flight from Nuremberg after flying a day for Air Berlin (FTIīs major aircraft-partner). Aircraft will now be prepared for tomorrows departures. (mehr von D-AUKT)