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OO-NGI on final RWY34 in the very last light, as the sun kisses the horizon (mehr von OO-NGI)
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N24320 After landing was denied in Berlin, 7 DC-3 decided to divert to Erfurt after their low pass in Berlin. (mehr von N24320)
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N24320 What a great line up !!! Anyone who saw the farewell on this day in Wiesbaden , which fortunately was postponed for one day due to heavy rain , will probably never forget this scenery !!! All in all , 12 out of the 14 remaining DC-3s came out and stood in the most beautiful sunshine directly almost to grab in front of one and made their run up ! These were joined by the 4 T-6 aircraft , so then in 30 seconds clock all goodbye ! (mehr von N24320)
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N24320 one of the 18 visitors for the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift event ! (mehr von N24320)
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OO-VMV About to land on runway 05 inbound from Antwerpen Deurne (EBAW /ANR) as FYG531M at dusk. (mehr von OO-VMV)