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F-RAFP Arriving on Rwy 15 in its very discrete white paint scheme. (mehr von F-RAFP)
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142 (4-GU) Coming back from Habsheim and a quick and fiery display rehearsal. (mehr von 142)
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R206 (64-GF) Coming in as supporter for the Patrouille de France, which is supposed to display at nearby Habsheim on the weekend. Looking about as patchy as it gets ... (mehr von R206)
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F-RAFC Some special flights came to ERF, because of a meeting of the polish, german and french foreign secretary called "Weimarer Dreieck" at the castle "Ettersburg" near Weimar. (mehr von F-RAFC)
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33-FE Thanks to the friendly people of the aeroclub of Avignon. (mehr von 33-FE)
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01 Exposed at Muse de l'air et de l'espace. (mehr von 01)