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G-BNLS Seen departing Rwy09R in better times. NLS is now parked in Victorville (mehr von G-BNLS)
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G-BNLS diversion due to heavy snowfall in LHR (mehr von G-BNLS)
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G-BNLS We were really happy to catch it, because we saw it the evening before in the Mainentance area! :-) That's the only possible angle to catch the "Dreamflight" well! [Canon 500D + 55-250mm] (mehr von G-BNLS)
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G-BNLS [Canon EOS 50D + EF-S 18-200mm IS] Evening arrival RWY27R. Note the 'Dreamflight' sticker above the right wing. (mehr von G-BNLS)