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SE-RCS Many thanks to the whole crew of FLY171 for their hospitality throughout the entire flight, and especially captain Mattias Jonsson who provided this shot by turning on full instrument lighting. FlyMe is certainly the airline I will travel with next time! (mehr von SE-RCS)
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EC-ISY Notice the rudder deflection due to the severe wind gusting at 45 kts from nearly 90 degrees angle. (mehr von EC-ISY)
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D-ACRI I do like the new Lufthansa Regional c/s, nice with some change from the normal Lufthansa-tail. This one is operated by Eurowings. (mehr von D-ACRI)
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OE-LIR Among all the UEFA-charter their were only a few "regular" ones that I noticed. This one for example. (mehr von OE-LIR)
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EC-ISL Great looking 737-800 with 8 ft huge winglets and the bakground...wow!! (mehr von EC-ISL)
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EC-GOM Sunlight brought Spanish fotball supporters, unfortunately not the real sunlight everybody wanted. (mehr von EC-GOM)
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EC-ILX Final rwy 21, minutes before the sun broke through completely. (mehr von EC-ILX)
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EC-HDU Also Iberia offered an aircraft for supporters to fly into Gothenburg for the special event. (mehr von EC-HDU)
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EC-IJH After a great day with about 80 UEFA-charters it ended more or less with this Iberworld A330-300 and Irish, Danish and Belgian spotters who had found the way to Landvetter withdrew. (mehr von EC-IJH)
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SE-RCS New Swedish low-cost carrier taxiing to gate 14 on the first in operation. (mehr von SE-RCS)
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SE-RCS New Swedish low-cost carrier, FlyMe, commenced operation this morning. (mehr von SE-RCS)
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EI-CSL A first taste of the Swedish "Winter wonderland", lovely for spotting! (mehr von EI-CSL)
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EP-IAD Iran Air has one arrival into GOT every week on Tuesdays, mostly operated by Airbus A310. So I was really glad when this 747SP showed up! (mehr von EP-IAD)
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LN-WFP c/n 495. "Fox Papa" makes its way towards runway 21 for departure to ENGM. I love the winter with low evening sun and snow, it provides really cool effects. (mehr von LN-WFP)
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OH-LMW (c/n 49905/1767) taxiing for departure to HEL. (mehr von OH-LMW)
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LN-RDS Due to the weak market many routes have been downgraded with smaller airliners This one arrives from CPH, a route which usually was operated by MD-80. (mehr von LN-RDS)
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9A-CBD Air Adriatic operating charter flights on behalf of a swedish travel agent, Scandjet. Destinations from Gothenburg and MalmŲ include Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. (mehr von 9A-CBD)
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OY-KHF A SAS MD80 and a Malmo Aviation Bae 146 sit on the Gothenburg ramp (mehr von OY-KHF)
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EI-PAT Irish carrier CityJet are flying services for Air France (mehr von EI-PAT)