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D-IRES The two only flyable Dornier Do28D2 in Germany. The D-IRES (ex German Navy 59+11) and the D-ICDY (ex German Airforce 58+89) preparing for takeoff during the open day at the Luftwaffenmuseum. Both Dorniers are operated by the Reservistenkameradschaft Flugdienst and are based at Uetersen nearby Hamburg (mehr von D-IRES)
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D-ICDY During the open day at the Luftwaffenmuseum. The Dornier of the Reservistenkameradschaft Flugdienst (mehr von D-ICDY)
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D-EGZR During the open-days of the Luftwaffenmuseum. Only 10 aircrafts were allowed for this weekend to fly on this normaly closed airfield. The Gomhouria of the Sportfluggruppe Nordholz/Cuxhaven e.V. is waiting while the Do28D2 D-IRES of the Reservistenkameradschaft Flugdienst is departing (mehr von D-EGZR)
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