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P4-FLY Short final rwy 03L from Malta for this beautiful 727 ! Initial delivery was to United Airlines in 10 October 1967 ! (mehr von P4-FLY)
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EC-JQZ Once in a lifetime lucky shot !!! A321 of Iberia operating flight 'IBE 38RB' from Madrid during the downwind phase of its approach to rwy 21L.EOS 5D plus 800mm (400mm f5.6 EF with 2x teleconverter) ISO1600 f 14 1/640; Handheld !!! (mehr von EC-JQZ)
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SX-DCB The 'new' B747 in the greek register is this B747SR-81(SF) of the start-up cargo operator Elite Airlines ! Parked together with SX-TIC of Hellenic Imperial Airways on taxiway Z. SX-DCB initially delivered to All Nippon Airways in 17 June 1982. (mehr von SX-DCB)
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VP-BAB For about half an hour we had a time travel to '70ties in Athens airport ! This classic B727-100 departed after the Med Airways B737-200 ! First flown 43 years ago in 24 July 1966 as VH-TJD for Trans Australian Airline.Converted to VIP transport in 1980 and used the regs N8043B, N10XY and N682G. (mehr von VP-BAB)
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OD-LMB The second B737 of Med Airways departing for Erbil from rwy 03R.Former "Powerpuff Girls" 732 of Delta, first flown in 24 April 1984 as N310DA. (mehr von OD-LMB)
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900528 c/n DC-795M. Rare military Metro waiting for start-up to Tel Aviv as 'Convoy 6105'. (mehr von 900528)
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102003 (023) c/n 1216. ex N440GA. Built in 1993. The Swedish Air Force electronic intelligence equipped Gulfstream IV night stoped in Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport.
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TK.17-1 (47-01) Very rare aircraft not only for Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport ! You do not see everyday 707's and especially with the original stage 1 noise JT-3D's ! Built in 30 December 1968 and delivered in March 1969 to TWA as N8731. (mehr von TK.17-1)
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I-EEZM The enormous suction of the P&W PW4168A creating a small tornado in front of the inlet ! ! ! (mehr von I-EEZM)
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YR-BIB After landing on rwy 16.Former Ryanair EI-CSM. (mehr von YR-BIB)
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YR-ABB One of the very few 707's still flying in the world is this Romanian VIP configured presidential plane! First flew in 16 May 1974 and delivered to Tarom 3 June.Its VIP carrer started in 1977 as the personal transport plane of the then mighty president Nicolae Ceauescu and the titles "Republica Socialista Romania".Seen in Athens with its recently revised livery ! (mehr von YR-ABB)
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TF-ARN Not every day sight in Thessaloniki ! Very rare type and airline in the region.Hauling a cargo of marbles ! (mehr von TF-ARN)


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3B-NBG Over the threshold rwy 14 arriving from St.Denis, Reunion as flight MK219. (mehr von 3B-NBG)
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ZS-PUI JNB never stops to amaze me ! Rolling on rwy 03L for Lilongwe,wet leased Air Malawi while its own B737-300 is on maintainance also in JNB. (mehr von ZS-PUI)
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F-OMRU The latest ATR72 of Air Austral fleet over the threshold of rwy 14 after a flight from St.Denis, Reunion. (mehr von F-OMRU)
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SX-DIX The second BAe 146 of Astra Airlines arrived at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport in 20 May is the former Air Dolomiti I-ADJF (cn E3193). First flew in 1991 for Aer Lingus as EI-CTO.First photo in the net ! (mehr von SX-DIX)
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VH-LCL Very rare Australian Dash 8 equipped with a LADS Mk II laser bathymetry system ! (mehr von VH-LCL)
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SX-CMB The second ERJ-145 of Athens Airways delivered in 19 February.Former FlyBE G-EMBK. (mehr von SX-CMB)
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N163PA c/n 249. Rare Gulfstream III oparated by Phoenix Air Group.Flew to Cartersville (KVPC) via Keflavik(BIKF) and Teterboro (KTEB).Former Royal Danish Air Force F-249 built in 1982.The rarity of this bird is its starboard side cargo door ! (mehr von N163PA)
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SX-BMK c/n 550-0907. ex HB-VMM. One of the few private jets in the greek register ! (mehr von SX-BMK)
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SX-CMC The third ERJ-145 of Athens Airways delivered in 12 March.Former FlyBE G-EMBL. (mehr von SX-CMC)
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OD-WOL c/n 23083. ex N311DL. Built in 1984. Suprise visitor in Athens is this very rare B737-232Adv ! Operating Med Airways/Flying Carpet flight from Erbil. Recently returned from a lease to Toumai Air Tchad.Former Delta Arlines N311DL delivered in 14 February 1984. First time in PPnet ! (mehr von OD-WOL)
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90-0534 AMC Charleston. After landing on rwy 03R, in one of the iregular appearences of a C-17 in Athens. (mehr von 90-0534)
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OD-AMB Now with Flying Carpet titles removed! This 737-200 is operating a weekly flight from Erbil to Athens since March. (mehr von OD-AMB)
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A6-MDG Short final rwy 21R. First time in Athens.Former Martinair PH-MCN, although built for Air France. (mehr von A6-MDG)