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85-6974 former Airforce ONe arriving at Kai Tak... Good old days (mehr von 85-6974)
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C-FCRA "Empress of Japan" was traded to Pakistan International in September 1986 for DC-10's together with sisterships C-FCRB/D and -E and was registered as AP-BCN. (mehr von C-FCRA)
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VH-EBB "City of Melbourne" taxies at Kai Tak to its parking position in the evening, This Pratt & Whitney powered Jumbo saw also services with Air Lanka as 4R-ALG, Air Pacific as VH-EBB and after conversion to freighter 1993/94 as N706CK for Kalitta - American International Airways. (mehr von VH-EBB)
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9V-SGB Singair Boeing 727-212/Adv. at Kai Tak with additional (mehr von 9V-SGB)
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VR-UED This Combi B.737-200 later served for Aloha Airlines as N805AL (mehr von VR-UED)
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N316EA Aircraft leased from Eastern Airlines and later registered as VR-HOB to Cathay Pacific and as C-GTSY to Air Transat. (mehr von N316EA)
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N603BN This original for Braniff buildt B.747SP belongs today to the Sultan of Oman / Oman Royal Flight with reg A4O-SO (mehr von N603BN)
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I-DYNE This classic DC-10 was also operated by Eastern Airlines and Continental Airlines. It was retired in 2001 and scrapped at Greenwood, Mississippi. (mehr von I-DYNE)
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B-1822 This Boeing 727-109C later served for the Taiwan - Air Force and as an instructional airframe at Hsinchu. (mehr von B-1822)
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VR-HGP The sunny day gave the chance to have a nice background (mehr von VR-HGP)