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HS-TEB c/n 60 arriving at the old HKG. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von HS-TEB)
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HL7457 c/n 22484 is now stored as N708BA.First view on database. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von HL7457)
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B-1804 c/n 536 is now registered B-18573, still with China Airlines. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-1804)
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B-153 c/n 48471 went to China Airlines 18 months later and is now with FedEx as N580FE. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-153)
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B-2438 c/n 21933 operated her whole life with CAAC / Air China and has now been scrapped. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-2438)
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A4O-LA c/n 36 on lease from Gulf Air. She was later leased to Sabena andSriLankan Airlines with whom she was destroyed by ground fighting in July 2001. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von A4O-LA)
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9N-ACA c/n 22850 just before touch down in the old HKG. (Fuji Sensia). (mehr von 9N-ACA)
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B-165 after taken out of the water after itīs crash. Photo was taken while taxiing with a German Air Force B707-307C. (mehr von B-165)
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B-18672 c/n 28490 lining up for departure from the old HKG. She is now flying for Garuda as PK-GWY. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-18672)
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3B-SMC c/n 24063 on finals into the old HKG. She was returned to Singapore Airlines at the end of that month and now flies for Air Atlanta Icelandic. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von 3B-SMC)
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9M-MMX c/n 26452 on lease from Malaysia Airlines and was returned in August of the same year. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von 9M-MMX)
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VR-HYR c/n 414 departing from the old HKG. Now flying as I-LING with Windjet (mehr von VR-HYR)
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HL7292 c/n 543 on short finals after a steep approach, she is now flying for FedEx as N723FD. Only view on database. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von HL7292)
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B-2829 c/n 25900 about to depart the old HKG. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-2829)
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B-22301 c/n 332 on finals into the old HKG. (Fuji Sensia). Only view on database. (mehr von B-22301)
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VR-HME c/n 22106 lining up for departure from the old HKG. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von VR-HME)
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D-ABZD Used to love seeing LH at Kai Tak! (Kodak Print) (mehr von D-ABZD)
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B-2581 c/n 25081 on finals to the old airport in very stormy weather. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von B-2581)
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VR-HWW c/n TH-1477. Was parked in front of the old flying club terrace. I'm sure many people will remember her in this position. (Fuji Sensia) (mehr von VR-HWW)
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B-2802 c/n 24015 on finals into the old airport. (Fuji Sensia). (mehr von B-2802)
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B-2597 c/n 27176 on finals into the old airport. She now flies with Air China. (Fuji Sensia). (mehr von B-2597)
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9M-MMH c/n 27084 on finals into the old airport. (Fuji Sensia). First on database of this reg. (mehr von 9M-MMH)
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I-DEMV Even in the 1980s, Jumbo time was the order of the (night!) at Kai Tak (Kodak Print) (mehr von I-DEMV)
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D-ABZD A treat for a German based aviation photography website, a LH B742 in old colours pictured landing on the IGS at Kai Tak....not 100% quality but I'm sure you all will enjoy it! (mehr von D-ABZD)
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Some people were getting in light planes for top down airport pics long before it became the "fashion". A view of the finger piers at Kai Tak whilst in a Cessna ready to turn for landing on Runway 13. The holes in front of the B743 was the former public viewing area! (Kodak Print)