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VR-HKN Landing on Runway 13 and still fighting the IGS! (Kodak Print) (mehr von VR-HKN)
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VH-EAC One of my first ever photos from Kai Tak. I remember rushing down to the airport to see the QANTAS B707, as they were basically nocturnal visitors and this one was delayed overnight. Pretty quiet ramp, only a Pan Am B747 at the gate and a Cathay Pacific B707 taxiing back to the terminal. How things changed at Kai Tak since then! What an experience, what a joy! (mehr von VH-EAC)
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VH-EBN I really loved the QANTAS old colours, pictured here adorning a B747 classic having just arrived at Kai Tak after a long flight from SYD. As you can guess, I'm having a great time uploading some of my old prints.....! (Kodak Print) (mehr von VH-EBN)
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N147UA "Friendship One" titles carried by N147UA due to its record-breaking circumnavigation of the globe in the 1980s (Kodak Print) (mehr von N147UA)
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G-BOAF Taken from the restaurant at the old Kai Tak, weather wasn't the best, but the subject matter was well worth it!! (Kodak Print) (mehr von G-BOAF)
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An aerial view of the end of the famous runway at Kai Tak. Taken from a light aircraft shortly after takeoff from Runway 13. You can see the holding point and start point of Runway 31 and Kwun Tong in the background (Kodak Print)
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9V-SQN Always nice to see a 5 engined Boeing 747! First pic of the B747 9V-SQN in the database, rahter than the current B772 that carries the same registration. (mehr von 9V-SQN)
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This PR B747 had just landed on Runway 13 and was making her way back to the terminal. Unfortunately, the pilots couldn't keep her on track and she drifted off the taxiway and onto the grass, quickly becoming stuck! You can see here the passengers deplaning and a CX B747 landing on Runway 31, as Runway 13 became unusable due to the blockage! (Kodak Print)
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N178UA Landing on the IGS, and still not quite lined up! Pictured from the famous Car Park (Fuji Velvia Slide) (mehr von N178UA)
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G-BNLZ Perhaps the hardest of the BA Jumbos to photograph that wore the British Asia Airways c/s. Pictured on her way to the terminal having just arrived from LHR (Fuji Velvia Slide) (mehr von G-BNLZ)
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VR-HOP Beautiful Kai Tak. You didn't always need the IGS to get great pics. Just a simple taxi shot of a wonderful aircraft with a beautiful background and lovely skies / clouds / reflections was simply enough. This aircraft carries new colours engine cowlings. And to think that CX B747-400s were sometimes so common that I ignored photographing them...! (Fuji Velvia Slide) (mehr von VR-HOP)
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N88887 Lined up on the IGS, with that wonderful background of aircaft that made Kai Tak "special"! (Kodachrome 64 Slide) (mehr von N88887)
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N182UA a United 744 climbing away from famous Kai Tak airport with condensation over the wings (mehr von N182UA)
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N527MC Please, a little bit to the left, on the right there are buildings, not runways! (mehr von N527MC)
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JA8192 Please, a little bit to the left, on the right there are buildings, not runways! (mehr von JA8192)
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ZS-SAJ lucky to see this bird at my first day in Hong Kong Kai Tak. (mehr von ZS-SAJ)
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VH-OJI Still not lined up on the IGS, and the runway is right in front of them! (Fuji Velvia Slide) (mehr von VH-OJI)