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N840UP HOW LOW CAN YOU GO??? My goodness, I was having a look through my old slides, came across this crazy low landing at Kai Tak and thought, this one has to be uploaded! Good thing it's a cargo plane, and not full of pax! (mehr von N840UP)
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PK-GI* Good old Kai Tak.....still not lined up on runway 13 [Fuji Velvia Slide] (mehr von PK-GI*)
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JA8542 In the days before airbridges, the only way to deplane was via stairs. Airbridges became necessary as commercial avation introduced widebody aircraft. Kai Tak, with limited space for development, was caught in a time warp, as widebodies became the norm yet there was no space for development. So, when you arrived in Hong Kong, you had to walk down the stairs, and wait to be bussed to the terminal. Pictured here is a JAL DC-10 that had just arrived from NRT [Fuji Velvia Slide] (mehr von JA8542)