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N796FT Manufactured on August 26, 1969. Delivery date was October 3, 1969 to Flying Tigers. Built as DC-8-63CF in 1969, cvt'd to DC-8-73(F) freighter in May 1984. Other serials - PP-BEX with BETA Cargo - delivered on October 30, 2004, and also N796FT with Flying Tigers, Rosenbalm Aviation, & Air-India Cargo - leased in August 1981 thru November 1982. Wears FN 796 with Flying Tigers. Temporary storage at MZJ on January 4, 2001. Stored at LIM in March 2011 as PP-BEX (mehr von N796FT)
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N749WA First flight was May 2, 1974. Delivery date was June 10, 1974. Other serials - N470EV with Evergreen Int'l Als, & Southern Air Transport, and also N749WA with World Airways, VIASA - Venezolana Internacional de Aviacion, Braniff Int'l Airways, American Als, Lufthansa, Korean Air Lines, & Evergreen Int'l Als. Wears FN 749 with Flying Tigers. Converted to Supertanker 947 water-bomber in 2004. Stored at MZJ (Marana) on February 25, 2012 as N470EV, & was broken-up after February 2012 at MZJ (mehr von N749WA)
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N155UA seen lining up on Runway 13 at Kai Taki. First flight was 4th September, 1970. Other serials - N9665 with American Airlines and HI-472 with Dominicana delivered 1st September 1987 to United Airlines. (mehr von N155UA)
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N631FE I loved the Federal Express purple colour scheme, and it looked the best on the B747! (mehr von N631FE)
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N627US Delivered in January 1980, this frame served its whole life with Northwest Airlines until 19/08/2005 when it suffered a nose gear collapse on landing at Guam and was eventually scrapped 07/2008 (mehr von N627US)


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VHHX An overview of Kai Tak taken by my late Father, probably in the late 1940s. Kai Tak looked a lot different than it does today, as does Kowloon. Seems like the IGS was not such a challenge for pilots in those days!
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VR-HUA Two Cathay Pacific "lumps" in the cucumber sandwich colour scheme when Runway 31 was in use (mehr von VR-HUA)
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HS-TAH For a short while, Thai painted this A300 in an experimental colour scheme, with a grey stripe replacing the familiar purple. Rumours were that they were toying with the idea of using this as a new colour scheme (mehr von HS-TAH)
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3B-RGZ Departing from the concrete jungle! Two A320s were used on the KHH-HKG route along with 3B-RGY. Delivery 11/25/1994. Delivered to CI on lease in 1994. Other serials - F-WWBI with Airbus, VT-EYB with Indian Als in 2003, G-MEDD with British Mediterranean Awys in 1997, EX-32002 with Air Bishkek in 2011, & Kyrgyzstan Air, 3B-RGZ with Region Air, N386BV with WFBN and also EY-621 with Kyrgyz Airways in October 2010, & Air Bishkek. WFU on February 1, 2016. Stored at ZTR on 02/05/16 as EX-32002 (mehr von 3B-RGZ)