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I-DIWF Pictured at Kai Tak, this aircraft on 2nd August 1968, as Alitalia flight 660, Douglas DC-8-43 was destroyed when it impacted a wooded hillside near Milan-Malpensa Airport, Italy (mehr von I-DIWF)
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9M-MHA Malaysian Airlines Systems first Airbus flew 15 years for MAS and for a few more years as N224KW for Carnival AL before being converted into a freighter in 1998 (mehr von 9M-MHA)
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N611BN After seven years in service with Lufthansa, originally christened in 1972 as Niedersachsen, D-ABYG became the Big Orange N611BN, nicknamed also The Great Pumpkin, flying routes from Dallas to Europe as well to the Far East. Other airlines and registrations followed. British Caledonian and British Airways as G-BJXN, Continental AL and Continental Micronesia as N78019, Air Atlanta Icelandic as TF-ATA and finally Logistic Air as 5U-ACE. This old lady has been stored at Roswell since 2007 (mehr von N611BN)


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JA8911 Heavy banking for runway 13 gave me a classic Kai Tak photo (mehr von JA8911)
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PP-VPH Slowing down on Runway 31 having landed on Runway 13 at Kai Tak after that long sector, GIG-GRU-JNB-BKK-HKG!!! (mehr von PP-VPH)
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VH-OGK Looks at the eye candy in the background! UA B744, SAS B763, JAL B744, NCA B742, OZ B763!! (mehr von VH-OGK)