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c/n 18378 / 257. Former Air Malta aircraft. "Skyline" titles for a movie.
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N90703 c/n 42865. The 6th DC6 built. Scrapped a short time later. (mehr von N90703)
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EI-BZG c/n 24455 / 1771. This aircraft was w/o on 11MAY90 when a fuel tank exploded while still on the ground. 8 people were killed. (mehr von EI-BZG)
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RP-C3206 Not a very successful type with Aboitiz. Scrapped at MNL 1993. (mehr von RP-C3206)
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RP-C3211 Not a very successful type with Aboitiz. Scrapped at MNL 1993. (mehr von RP-C3211)
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RP-C3430 PAL's first A340 that has been transferred to the Philippine register. Ex F-OHPJ. (mehr von RP-C3430)
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RP-C3196 Cebu Pacific's A319 taxies past the new, but still unused, Terminal 3 at Manila. (mehr von RP-C3196)
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RP-C1008 A small carrier with only 2 DO228s that operates primarily tourist charters to Palawan. (mehr von RP-C1008)
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RP-C7250 Cebu Pacific's new ATR72 on a test flight a few days before entering service on the MNL - Caticlan route. (mehr von RP-C7250)
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RP-C2628 "The yellow one" from Seair's colorful fleet of Turbolets. (mehr von RP-C2628)
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RP-C8018 Hard to get elsewhere, this plane currently only operates between Kalibo, Clark and Seoul. (mehr von RP-C8018)
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RP-C9328 There is not much space between the fence and this aircraft. (mehr von RP-C9328)
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RP-C3016 New carrier on the Manila-Caticlan route, soon to be followed by Cebu Pacific with ATR42s (mehr von RP-C3016)
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RP-C5000 c/n N001. The last CN-235 remaining in the Philippines Runs daily Cebu-Caticlan-Manila and back. (mehr von RP-C5000)
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RP-C2915 Everyone has to wait until this Dash 7 has crossed the street in its typical low approach fashion. (mehr von RP-C2915)
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RP-C7205 Another defunct start-up in the Philippines. Was supposed to fly from Zamboango to Sandakan, Malaysia, but didn't materialize. Current status of the airline unknown. (mehr von RP-C7205)