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N207AU Some nice detail of N207AU's paint scheme. The vehicle in the middle is a typical Philippino jeepney. (mehr von N207AU)
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N207AU Another Philippine newcomer that failed. Supposed to start operations in 2001, the aircraft has been sitting at SFS ever since and time is taking its toll. (mehr von N207AU)
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RP-C862 This aircraft has been sitting at Zamboanga for more than 20 years. The roof-like structures surrounding the front of the aircraft is where the owner keeps his fighting cocks. (mehr von RP-C862)
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RP-C1015 c/n 1637. The sign on the ground indicates this flight was destined for Baguio in the northern Philippines. Less than a year later, RP-C1015 crashed into Mt. Pugo on exactly the same route, taking the lives of all 50 pax and crew on board. (mehr von RP-C1015)
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RP-C184 c/n 32905 .This aircraft was the last C46 at Manila and was broken up shortly after this photo was taken, after many years of storage. (mehr von RP-C184)
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RP-C14 This DC-3 crashed at Barualite / Philippines on 15.11.89 (mehr von RP-C14)