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CP-1617 c/n 253. Still in its former basic Air Haiti c/s, this aircraft is on its way to the Beni province for a meat run. Crashed 6 weeks later during a wheels-up landing. (mehr von CP-1617)
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N4247K c/n 4144 After almost 20 years of storage this aircraft is still stored at Manila, though in much worse state. (mehr von N4247K)
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N68AF Former United aircraft (N9020U). (mehr von N68AF)
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CP-2250 This is the No. 2 DC6 and the oldest one still around. c/n 42866 / 2. This aircraft is now preserved in Peru. (mehr von CP-2250)
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N8108N The first of a row of ex Eastern 727-100, all of which were scrapped at Marana. (mehr von N8108N)
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B-HIB "The Spirit of Hong Kong 97". Sold to Air Atlanta as TF-ATC and eventually scrapped at Kemble / UK in 2004. (mehr von B-HIB)
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N1365N Typical smokey departure of this C97, this time for a cargo run to McGrath / AK. (mehr von N1365N)
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N1430Z c/n 6779. This aircraft is now owned by the Milestones of Aviation Museum at Lancaster-Fox Field, though not in very good condition. It still sports its basic RAF scheme (ex XP447). (mehr von N1430Z)
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C-GNDK This is the prototype DHC-8. First a series -100, later converted to the -300 prototype. Scrapped at Van Nuys. (mehr von C-GNDK)
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N120FB One of a total of 12 Albatrosses present at MZJ in 1990 (6 of these with Chalk's titles). (mehr von N120FB)
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N118L c/n A-258. Single tail and tri-gear conversion of the famous Beech 18. This particular Tradewind was originally a Beech D18S. (mehr von N118L)
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B2466 c/n 25880 / 926. This aircraft is currently active with Kingdom Holding as HZ-WBT7. (mehr von B2466)
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HP-1162TLN c/n 3224. Owned by T&G, this C-130A was rumored to have been involved in illegal activities during its lease to Trans Latin Air. (mehr von HP-1162TLN)
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N320MJ c/n 20028/783. This aircraft crashed on 20SEP90 during take-off at MZJ for a short ferry-hop to DMAFB. Unfortunately, two crew were killed. (mehr von N320MJ)
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G-APFB Still in basic Syrian Arab c/s, this old 707 was broken up at Kingman along with about half a dozen others. (mehr von G-APFB)
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N8001U This is the second DC-8 (c/n 45278 / 2) and one of about seven or eight that ended their days at Kingman / AZ in the early 80s. (mehr von N8001U)