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XA-DOE This is the DC-8 prototype (c/n 45252 / 1), originally called "Ship 1". Although officially registered N8008D, it was still carrying its previous Aeromexico reg XA-DOE. The aircraft has since been scrapped at Marana. (mehr von XA-DOE)
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N101SF c/n 11674. Built in 1943. Beautiful air brush paint scheme. (mehr von N101SF)
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51-17059 One of only two built. Dubbed "Thunderscreech" and said to be the noisiest aircraft in the world. Rumors say the high-pitched noise of the propeller made pilots and ground crew vomit. Now on display at the USAF Museum in Dayton / OH. (mehr von 51-17059)
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N48UA c/n 45980/374. Last operator of this aircraft was ABSA Cargo Brazil (as PR-ABA). (mehr von N48UA)
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N23SA c/n 4903. This aircraft eventually ended up in Basler's yard in Oshkosh / WI. (mehr von N23SA)
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N156WC c/n 43193. Fitted with Rolls-Royce Dart engines. Unfortunately, this rare DC3 variant was w/o in APR84 when it impacted with a C-130. (mehr von N156WC)
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N8079U c/n 45947/341. This aircraft crashed shortly after take-off at Sacramento-McClellan 16.02.2000 while operating for Emery. The three crew were killed. (mehr von N8079U)
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ZP-CDO By the time this photo was takes the aircraft had already been wfu for 19 years. (mehr von ZP-CDO)
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T-91 Interesting array of aircraft on the Fuerza Aerea Paraguaya ramp: On the left DC6s T-89, T-91 and 4001 can be seen, along with C131D 2001. In the center PBY-5A 2002 is parked with DC3s 2028, 2030 and 2032. The four C-212s are 2027, 2029, 2031 and 2033, while the DHC6 was identified as FAP-01. (mehr von T-91)
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ZP-CBZ Overview of the LAP maintenance area at ASU, taken from the departing B707-321B ZP-CCF: The airworthy L188 is ZP-CPZ which later crashed in Zaire as 9Q-CRR with 141 pax on board. To the right, L188s ZP-CBX / Y can be seen wfu, while B707-321B ZP-CCG can is parked partly inside the hangar. In the background L-049 N86533 can be seen surrounded by trees. This aircraft was in very bad condition at the time this photo was taken, but has since found its way to the Brazilian Wings of a Dream Museum in San Carlos / Brazil where it is the star of the exhibition. (mehr von ZP-CBZ)
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2002 c/n 1737. This aircraft later went to the Museo Aeronaval de la Armada Argentina at Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
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5A-DRF Fire-fighting demonstration. There were four AN32P Firekillers at Mitiga, the other ones being 5A-DRC/D/E. (mehr von 5A-DRF)
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One of three IL76s in Tripolis' scrapyard. Two carry old LAA Cargo c/s but have all markings carefully overpainted. The third one, an IL76M, has Jamahiria Air Transport c/s, but also no reg.
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Rare shot of the last remaining Convair on Tripolis' scrapyard. 'Kardair' barely readable under the dirt. Also present: 2 LAA Caravelles, 3 IL76s, 2 Fokker 27s and a Boeing 707.
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5A-DLL Note the missile-like tanking equipment. (mehr von 5A-DLL)
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LC-014 One of eight CH47s still supposed to be with the Lybian AF, out of 20 originally delivered. 7 of these were witnessed at Mitiga on 30OCT07. This one doesn't seem to have flown for a while. (mehr von LC-014)
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LC-008 One of eight CH47s still supposed to be with the Lybian AF, out of 20 originally delivered. 7 of these were witnessed at Mitiga on 30OCT07. (mehr von LC-008)
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9Q-CGV "Morning Star" titles on starboard side only. (mehr von 9Q-CGV)