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53-0543 c/n.4358. This is how most Connies ended their days at DMA. There were approximately 40 - 50 present at the time this photo was taken. (mehr von 53-0543)
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F-BAVI This was a huge aircraft at its time with a height of 13.50m and a wingspan of 48.95m. F-BAVI was the last of its kind,but although its condition was still quite good at the time this photo was taken, it was scrapped a short time later. (mehr von F-BAVI)
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48703 Probably BuAe No. 148703. For sale at approximately EUR 17.000,--. No buyer found and since scrapped.
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47901 Probably BuAe No. 147901. For sale at approximately EUR 17.000,--. No buyer found and since scrapped.
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RP-C2786 (c/n 2055) Asian Spirit's lonely ATP at San Jose de Buenavista Airport, Antique, Panay. The delivery of a second ATP never materialized, supposedly due to the low reliability of the first aircraft. (mehr von RP-C2786)
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RP-C2996 (c/n 18) The LOW approach over the main road at Caticlan is actually quite spectacular. ! (mehr von RP-C2996)
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RP-C2803 (c/n 9430537) This particular aircraft was written off at Caticlan on 19JUL05 during a landing accident on the 900+ meter long runway. Interisland were using the aircraft registration as flight number at the time, thus ISL2803. (mehr von RP-C2803)
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PH-EMS Maintenance call with ALT. Call-sign "Lifeliner 1". (mehr von PH-EMS)
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RP-C2955 Taking off from runway 13, the so-called "domestic runway". (mehr von RP-C2955)
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RP-C2994 Now a regular visitor at Caticlan with its 900+ meter runway. (mehr von RP-C2994)
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D-HLDM Peacefully parked along with sister ship D-HSOS. (mehr von D-HLDM)
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OE-XFH Unusual vistor at EDKB (mehr von OE-XFH)