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SX-TIC after arrival RWY 14L with the Tower of CGN in the background (mehr von SX-TIC)
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SX-DIE Operating Atlasjet International flight KK7464 from Antalya via Linz. Seen here on finals for Runway 34. Former D-ABZE, EC-IUA, 5T-AUE. The registration was not chosen very sensitively. (mehr von SX-DIE)
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SX-TIB Exodus from Lybia. Many people will be flown out from Tripoli with two B 747 . (mehr von SX-TIB)
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SX-TIC special WM charter for the final Netherlands-Spain (mehr von SX-TIC)
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SX-TIE Built in 1987 and delivered to Lufthansa as D-ABZE. Flight for Blue Panorama (mehr von SX-TIE)
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