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I-DEMW Photo 4 of 4 : The landing was safe after all, depite the funny angles before touchdown. The passengers probably thought that's the way it has to be, anyway. (mehr von I-DEMW)
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I-DEMW Photo 3 of 4 : Last second allignment work. Note the elevated provisional threshold. (mehr von I-DEMW)
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I-DEMW Photo 2 of 4 : The thrill of this particular approach was increased by runway work, which led to a temporary shortening of the runway. (mehr von I-DEMW)
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I-DEMW Photo 1 of 4 : Too far, too low... Those familiar with Kai Tak will confirm that Alitalia always added that extra amount of excitement to their approaches. This 747 went beyond the right banking point to runway 13, resulting in this dare-devil approach. The notorious - but since demolished - Walled City of Kowloon can be seen in the lower right. (mehr von I-DEMW)